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Where color lives.

They turn me to life.

Filled with Song

Amelie. One of my favorite films.


The Barmaid

What startles me are the hanging legs of the trapeze artist in the left corner, being ogled at. Manet lost his legs shortly before painting this work; no doubt he felt the focus of sneering gazes… overwhelming self-consciousness… as evoked by the bodiless legs in this painting.

(Manet, The Barmaid, 1881/82)

יוצא שאת תמיד שותקת אבל בפנים זה בוער


If you’re wondering why I refrain from posting my own writing, allow me to clarify. I’ve a need for emotional honesty, honesty of all kinds… and I fear… in the fogginess of my thoughts and words, I’ll lose the truth. Somehow the words and voices of smart people (intimidate and) encapsulate what I’m trying to impress.

Do forgive.
Perhaps with time.

Anna’s Tulip / Jerusalem

Anna's tulip

© CL 2009

It’s a Wonderful Life…