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by Elisa Mendes

Louis Faurer

I miss Israel.

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“Life’s but a walking shadow”

My grandmother died a week ago, November 23, 2009.

She was a special woman, a survivor. We began cleaning out her apartment two days ago, unlocking memories, touching her clothing, rediscovering  dolls, jewelry and pictures I treasured as a child.

We leave this world alone, just our souls and deeds, without the stuff we work so hard to acquire.

May her memory be a blessing unto us, Syma daughter of Shmuel.

The Lens and Mirror

Lens and Mirror

William Anastasi (American, b. 1933) Nine Polaroid Photographs of a Mirror, 1967 Black-and-white instant print; 14 1/2 x 11 1/4 in. (36.8 x 28.6 cm). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

I see this as an interesting way of showing dimensionality of persona, the fathomless layers inside us.

Shoe Shots

Love these photos, especially the coordinated couples.

More at: Wedding Shoe Shots

Courtesy of White Box Weddings

Courtesy of White Box Weddings

Somewhere Else

Kinda slow on blogging these days. Doing the internal journeying thing and not very out there. All is good.

Copyright CL (Do not reprint without permission)

Copyright CL (Do not reprint without permission)

I’ve been taking lots of pictures lately, and enjoying the simultaneous distance and closeness that comes with it; distance because it allows me to be a viewer, a bystander, and closeness because of the momentary bond created with the photographee.

Today, I went to the shuk/open-air market in central Jerusalem. I was surprised at how many vendors, normally aggressive types, shied from being photographed. I got yelled at a couple of times. But the wink from the very kind-looking redhead at the bread shop compensated for the other drama.

Redhead at the bread stand

Redhead at the bread stand

Shabbat will be hectic, with many people sharing the table. I’d prefer the quiet, but this’ll happily do.

Hello! Hello!

Hello! Hello!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything, so it seems. Maybe it’s the great mental shift. I’m in Israel, peeps. Yup, the Holy Land. Taking lots of photos and breathing a different kind of air. It’s sweet, and I like it here.

Last week I went to a hippie festival on a hilltop, with an awesome view of nearby hills twinkling in the distance. The air was pungent with bbq, cigarettes (and weed). People were dressed in Woodstockian spirit…. real grunge gorgeousness, and they danced with such soul. It was a good night to be in love, which I’m not, but it could’ve/would’ve/might’ve been.

Acharit Hayamim

Acharit Hayamim II






Fragile and small.

Handle with care.

But bloomed nonetheless, and in the process of Becoming.


Anna’s Tulip / Jerusalem

Anna's tulip

© CL 2009


looking back

awaiting spring




Just a Pic

[Yehuda and the Buddha]

Grainy and Distant,
Conflict of Interest,
Yehuda and Buddha

An Empty Feeling

The fridge one day

The fridge one day

Scrabble keyboard


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