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These weeks have been serendipitous in a near magical way. It’s difficult to explain. It seems to live in the air, here in Israel. Each moment, down to those green buses pulling into the stop, carries a sense of unreality, of living beyond one’s self… the moment itself carries you.

Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron

Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron

I spent Yom Kippur in Hebron, an experience I don’t think I’ll be writing much about. It lives in my heart.

Away, Away

I’m off to Israel tomorrow for the next month. What an awesome and welcome surprise. Thank G-d, I’ve got a cool and generous grandma who is sponsoring my ticket. Riding some pre-travel anxiety, and compulsively imagining what’s-to-be, but all in all, happy to be going. I’ll be staying in my favorite Jerusalem neighborhood, Katamon. It  has Anglo sensibility, which keeps me normal amidst some of the more dynamic Israeli folk.

In other news, I cut my hair over the bathroom sink yesterday, with  uneven results. Lucky my hair is curly, so it’s difficult to see. But the fundamental imbalance sitting atop my head is making me nervous. I suspect it looks something like Matisse’s “Algerian Woman,” except he painted her crookedness so poetically.

Matisse, The Algerian Woman. 1909. Oil on canvas. Musée National d'Art Moderne. Paris, France.

Matisse, The Algerian Woman. 1909. Oil on canvas. Musée National d'Art Moderne. Paris, France.

Had a grand time in the city last night (NYC). Took out food from one of my fave spots in the East Village, and friend and I secretly sneaked it into a movie theater where we spread ourselves out in the empty balcony seating, and enjoyed.

While away, I will miss the dynamism and beauty of my city, but I’m trading it in for a slew of awesomeness and soul nourishment that exists only in Israel.

Ah, small joys.

Anna’s Tulip / Jerusalem

Anna's tulip

© CL 2009

Et tu?

First Day of Classes

“Do real men like quiche?”

— my sociology professor

An Empty Feeling

The fridge one day

The fridge one day


The video is really kitschy, but the song is beautiful.