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Life with U.C.

Munch, The Scream

Sometimes it feels this way.

Trapped in Reflection

One more reason to visit Paris.

The Valpincon Bather, Ingres

The Valpincon Bather, Ingres (The Louvre, Paris)

The Logical Song

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Mirror, Mirror

I’ve so many decisions going inside my brain, like little-legged fairies running about. There’s a collision zone — career, education, life, health, money, relationships, time. It’s Chaos. It itches.

Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man

Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man

Fumbling in the Dark

(Blind Man’s Meal, Picasso)

Not Forgotten

Moving, Breathing, Seeing.

How far can we bend, until we break?

Rainy Day

Copyright CL

Copyright CL

At about 3am, I had all kinds of profundities forming in my mind. They’re quite gone now.

Today was terribly… wonderfully… strangely…. mixed. I met with some childhood friends (we used to be part of a secret society called “The Foursome,” way back in 5th grade); two are married now. We evolve, but always share  sincerest friendship. We have the most wonderful (and fun) memories.

I also did something extraordinarily difficult today (the secret is mine).

Life changes quickly.