Does creativity make a difference?

H/T to CK.

6 responses to “Does creativity make a difference?

  1. A) thanks for the shout out
    B) I think those girls look awesome
    C) I’m glad you follow the Sartorialist, and it’s getting sad that I recognize what images are from what blogs
    D) I disagree, I still think efficiency and good ethics is still very much necessary and important to the consumer. Creativity is nice and fun and all, but it is only the initial attraction – but it is only a one night stand. It might make you want to test the waters, but it will not make you stay. You need product/services that consumers demand coupled with great customer service (which includes good business ethics) to really make a great relationship and the customers coming back for more.
    The best example I can think of is google. They are no overly cutesy, they just make product that WORKS. And that is what makes them so super successful and totally fab.
    E) Viva la Créativité (free translation by Google’s Word Monkey)
    F) /Rant

  2. A) Sure thing.
    B) I agree.
    C) Sartorialist is epic… don’t feel bad.
    D) I don’t disagree. But case in point, I know of cases where people were hired primarily because of their appearance, and far less on ability. Especially in creative fields, like photography, you gotta look the part.
    Just this past weekend, a guy who works in a huge mortgage company told me that clients are way more compelled toward their young and hip group vs. the middle-aged-men-in-suits competition. It’s just becoming more predominant in our culture. We want whole, good, attractive compelling, simplistic products and services with the best packages, and we’ll pay extra for it too. And customers will stay, and return… it’s called cognitive dissonance, and somehow they’ll convince themselves it’s worthwhile.

  3. “We want whole, good, attractive compelling, simplistic products and services with the best packages, and we’ll pay extra for it too.”

    If it is really all those things, then yes, I will pay extra for it. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Call me naive, but I have more faith in consumers than that – I doubt many will buy a crappy product for the second time, no matter how good the packaging or the marketing is.

    New media has created a whole new generation of educated consumers who don’t buy anything, be it shoes, cameras or cars, without researching and reading reviews and aren’t as easily persuaded by marketing.

    Yes, there will always be those dumb people who buy things for the hype PR people have created – but on the whole I think we are smarter, savvier shoppers.

  4. Take a look at this Toshiba:

    and this Viao:

    Same price, but the Toshiba is better on all counts, except aesthetics.

    What would you do?

  5. The Toshiba 😉

    Hey, don’t get me wrong for all my fancy talk , I’m as superficial as they come…

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